Duncanrig Rambling Club

Established 1986

Walk Grades

The walks in this programme are graded on total height ascended:
B +Moderate to strenuous. For the fit, usually over hilly and rough terrain. Height climbed more than 2,200 feet. Distance travelled 7 to 12 miles. Usually includes several miles without a trail.
B Moderate to average fitness required. Usually over lower hills or undulating ground.
Height climbed 1,300 to 2,200 feet. Distance travelled 7 to 11 miles. Usually includes short sections without a trail.

C +Easy to moderate. Requires average fitness. Usually over undulating ground and can include short uphill sections over rough ground. Height climbed 700 to 1,300 feet. Distance covered 7 to 10 miles.

C Easy . Mainly level ground usually on paths, tracks or minor roads. Height climbed up to 700 feet.           Distance travelled 7 to 12 miles.

It should be noted that the above gradings are intended as a rough guide. People have
different ideas of degree of difficulty and the weather , ground conditions, etc on the day
can have a considerable effect on the walk. For further information, contact the Leader
on any walk.
It should also be noted that a walk might be changed, due perhaps to adverse weather
or ground conditions, or any other good reason. W alkers must be properly equipped
and competent for the grade of walk. Please note that walking boots are essential on all
When on a walk, if a member should require to “hang back”, that person must inform
the back marker and upon return to the walk, report back to the back marker . This is
essential to avoid any member being left behind.
Transport: The bus leaves from John Wright Sports Centre, East Kilbride at 8.30 am
prompt. There may be an occasional 8 am start for an island or distant walks.

Please note that club members are liable for payment whether the booking is made in personor by telephone. Only exception is after Route Convenor explains walk then money will be refunded if walk is unsuitable.