Duncanrig Rambling Club

Established 1986

Essential Kit List

WALKING BOOTS : Sturdy boots are necessary for rough and muddy terrain.

SOCKS : Woollen, thermal or mixture, own choice for comfort and good fit in your boots.

WATERPROOFS : Jacket and trousers

TROUSERS :  Strong stretch material or cotton.  Do not wear denim or jean-type

JUMPER  :  Fleece-type or sweatshirt

HATS & GLOVES  :  Fleece, woollen or thermal.  A scarf is also helpful as is a light summer hat.

GAITERS   :   To keep out stones and water. They protect trousers and socks in open country.

RUCKSACK :   Should be medium day-sack. Side pockets are advisable. Most rucksacks are not waterproof.  A plastic liner is recommended.

FOOD & DRINK  :  Keep in a plastic container. Bring rolls or sandwiches, etc. Emergency rations of                                         chocolate/muesli bars are useful. Plenty of fluids – water and a flask with a hot drink, if preferred.

TORCH  :  Carry a torch with a spare bulb and battery.

WHISTLE  :  A whistle should be carried at all times.

FIRST AID KIT  :  A personal first aid kit should be carried by each member.

SUNGLASSES  :     Sun cream and insect repellent are also advisable.