Duncanrig Rambling Club

Established 1986

Bus Booking Rules

1     Bus booking should normally be made and paid for at Monday night club meetings. No refunds are given if the booking is subsequently cancelled.

2     Members may book for themselves and one other person; the other person may only be booked if not present in the hall during the booking on period. If the person being booked on is a non-member, Clause 3 will apply.

3     Visitors may book on a bus after 8 pm at the Monday night club meeting, if seats are available.
4     Telephone bookings can be made after Monday night club meetings by telephoning the Bus Convenor. If a seat is available, then it will be booked at this time and paid for on the bus on the Sunday.If the booking is subsequently cancelled, the booking fee will be owed and should be paid at the next Club meeting.                                      
5    No waiting list is operated. To get a cancellation after the Monday club meeting, telephone the Bus Convenor.                                                                                                                                                          
6    Visitors will pay £1.00 above the normal bus fee.                                                                                          
7     After booking, seats are not transferable, and can only be occupied by the named person.In the event of being unable to  travel after booking, members are asked to contact the Bus Convenor as soon as possible                                                              
8     At book-on: ALL book-ons have to be paid for, even those being booked-on by a third party.