Duncanrig Rambling Club

Established 1986


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  1.  Do I have to be fit to walk with the club?

You should be reasonably fit but more importantly you should enjoy being
outdoors. This is an excellent activity for improving fitness and stamina.

2   How far do you walk?

The main group will walk on average 10 miles and the alternative walk will be around 7 to 8 miles long. We  usually walk for 5 hours with breaks – of course! (Please see ‘Gradings’ for details of the level of difficulty of each walk.)  

3   Do I need to have expensive equipment?

You must have walking boots and waterproofs.You do not need to have expensive equipment and it is worth shopping around for the best deal. However, your boots will be more comfortable if they are waterproof and they must have good soles in order to grip the terrain –particularly when going downhill! Please see the Kit List for guidance. 

4  Do I need to find my own way on the walk?

No. Each walk has a leader who has ‘reccied’ the walk and leads the walk from the front.
There is also a backmarker who will make sure that no one falls behind or becomes separated from the group. Maps are also issued so that walkers can trace the route of the walk and note features along the walk.

5  What happens at lunch time?

Bring a packed lunch. The leader will find a suitable place to stop and we sit down and eat our lunch.                A small mat or piece of bubble wrap is handy as a protection from damp.

6  How much does it cost?

Each member pays an annual fee (in 2014 this was £20) which covers the cost of the Monday Night Social Programme as well as the running costs of the club. Each walk costs £10 for members and £11 for visitors and this charge covers the hire of the coach.

7 Is this the only expense on the day?

We have a raffle on the coach (50p per ticket) with fabulous prizes! This money is used to give the driver a gratuity and also helps towards club funds. Also, we do have a ‘Social Hour’ at the end of the walk where we visit a cafe or hotel and have the opportunity to buy a drink, plate of soup or even a high tea.
We find this an excellent way to unwind at the end of a walk and it sets us up for the
journey home. Most establishments are very reasonably priced.

8 What happens if the bus is full?

As we have more members than seats on the coach, occasionally we are over-booked. Members have the opportunity to sign on after 7 pm on a Monday evening. Visitors can sign on after members have had an opportunity to do so. Should the coach be fully booked, members can telephone the Bus Convenor on Saturday to find out if anyone has withdrawn and a place may be allocated to them at that time.

9  Do I have to come on a Monday evening?

No, you can ask another member to sign you on for the walk as long as that member pays for you when booking your place.You can also telephone the Bus Convenor from Tuesday onwards and book a place in that way.However, we do hope that you will come along on a Monday and enjoy the social programme!

10 What happens if I book on but then have to drop out?

You must telephone the Bus Convenor to let him or her know that you arenot coming along and your seat can be re-allocated. Unfortunately the bus fee is forfeited and no seats are transferable.
This applies to telephone bookings as well and the forfeited fee will have to be paid at the earliest opportunity.

11 Is there an age limit?

If you are over 16 and reasonably fit you can come along. We have people of all ages who walk with our club. Some of our older walkers are the fittest!

12 Can I bring children with me or maybe our dog with me on a walk?

No – children under 16 are not allowed. As we  travel by coach, dogs are also not allowed.

Duncanrig Rambling Club